Photo of a hiker in Alberta by Lowell Georgia, 1973 for National Geographic/Getty Images.

I'm signing off for the year and unplugging until January. I hope you all have a joyful couple of weeks and get a little down time as well. Thanks for reading and supporting Tomboy Style, it's been a great year and I'm really looking forward to 2013.

Some of my favorite posts of 2012:

Alex Malloy's Jeepster Commando.

The Suffragists.

Q&A with Parks and Rec writer Aisha Muharrar.

Mrs. P. Hicks.

The San Fernando Valley Mercantile Co.

The Beatles at LAX.

Nato watch bands.

The Tomboy Style x Gryphon field jacket collaboration!

Q&A with Caroline Ventura of Btvtvs.

Westbrook Maker hats.

Cindy Whitehead.

Rachel Ward.

The Freedom Riders.


Anonymous said…
all great posts! My favorite though was the one the Santa Fe Rodeo (

Anonymous said…
Thanks for maintaining such an incredible blog. I will continue to follow from 2013 and beyond!
mbick said…
Thank you for your blog! Enjoy your time off to celebrate and rest. Looking forward to what the new year brings here.
Anonymous said…
Happy Holidays to you! :) Enjoy the time off.

Unknown said…
All post you choose are great. Congratulations for successful blogging.

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Cash Machine said…
Long live The Grid!
Anonymous said…
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