UNIFORM | The Camp Moc

Photo of Princess Caroline in the late 80s/early 90s via Simplicity City.

I'm always drawn to camp moccasins and driving mocs, probably because of their obvious menswear appeal, but have never felt like I could really pull them off without looking overly conservative or preppy. I stand completely corrected because Princess Caroline shows me how it's done with a long trench, a bandana headband and all black. I'll probably leave the white socks to the professionals though.

Top to bottom: Quoddy Dawson Moc ($300); Minnetonka Classic Driver ($54); Rancourt Camp Moc ($185).


Julie said…
Nice! I have a pair I bought in the 90's and they have remained in a box, for many years, since I now can't remember how to wear them - great inspiration :)
Mamavalveeta03 said…
I'm with you, Lizzie! Even my slippers have a driving moc vibe! (UGG Dakota's)
Rachel said…
Yeah, my Minnetonka moccasins seem to work best the more minimal the rest of the outfit is. That cuts down on feeling too preppy.
Unknown said…

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Spa Offer Lady said…
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Unknown said…
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