SCENE | The Korean Spa

A few months ago my friend took me to Olympic Spa in Los Angeles, a traditional Korean Spa. I was blissfully unaware of the communal nudity that would occur and at first completely panicked. It took some deep breathing but I realized there really isn't much normal female nudity on view in the U.S. How are we to know what a normal naked body looks like? The spa visit became an insight for me and a great help to get a grip on realistic body image. I wrote about it for and think it ties to the idea of tomboy style and what kind of images the media feeds us and how that distorts our own view of what's OK when it comes to our bodies. >> Click here for the full story.


Anonymous said…
I love your blog! Have been a devotee from the get-go! I visited a Japanese bath house for women when I lived in San Fransisco called Osento in the mission district...sliding scale entry fee followed by female communal nudity! Aghhh! Going there helped me feel less isolated with my internal circus of body neuroses! Keep up the great work!
Melissa Martin said…
Yes. Great article. Isn't it ironic the picture that Vogue chose to pair with your article? The cycle continues. ;)

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