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Here's a new label that I'm really excited about: OZMA of California. Just launched, OZMA is an American-made collection of women's clothing that is meant to season-less. These are pieces that can be layered on top of, and worn on their own. When I met OZMA designer Heidi Baker (formerly a designer at Levi's) this week, we both immediately agreed on how tough the fashion calendar can be. Late summer? Pre-Fall? Resort? It's hard to keep up with the maniacal speed and hey, it's still really hot out (not to mention that whole Southern Hemisphere who may enjoy clothing that makes sense with their seasons as well). When we were done solving all of the fashion industry's problems (just kidding), we started going deep into Heidi's travels to Panama. Before launching OZMA with her business partner Mariah Gardner, Heidi spent about a month in Panama surfing and hiking and swaying in a hammock. She was kind enough to write a guide for The Reed about Bocas del Toro, Panama. With all that inspiration saved up from her travels and skills develeoped to live like a nomad, Heidi started designing OZMA.

What I really love about it is how it equally balances sophistication with beachiness, and how it's meant to be worn. Like really worn. There's no one that can attest to this fact more than Heidi, she goes surfing in the morning and throws an OZMA weekend dress ($120) on once her wet suit comes off. And while she's wearing it barefoot from the beach, I've worn the dress out two nights in a row to L.A. restaurants—it's versatile, comfortable, and super flattering with the softest subtle texture.

You can certainly see Heidi's Levi's background in the line, maybe not instantly with some of the more minimal pieces like the linen Apron Tanks ($112), but certainly in the washed silk bandanas ($70) that are hand-drawn from a 1930s bandana patterns.

I'm so excited that The Reed is one of the first retailers to carry OZMA! I don't have a ton of it, so quantities are super limited, but check out the goods and let me know what you think!


R.S. said…
How does the sizing run? I usually wear a 4-6 in dresses and am torn between small and medium since it looks like a loose fit!
Lizzie said…
@R.S. Depends on if you want it just a little fitted around your hips. If you do, I'd go for a small. If you want a looser fit throughout, I'd go for a medium, but if I had to decide based just on your sizing I'd say go for a small. You can always exchange it if the sizing doesn't work.


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