GEAR | The 2018 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

We learned recently that Jeep will be relaunching one of our favorite cars, The Grand Wagoneer in 2018. That's right, The Woody is coming back! Credited with being the first luxury SUV, Jeep first launched the Grand Wagoneer in 1963. It was on the market until 1991, making it one of the longest-running car models of all time. Details on the new Wagoneer are full of rumor and assumptions, but we do know Jeep will unveil the 2018 model at their biennial showcase this Fall in Las Vegas.  If you can't wait until 2018, you can always check out what's on the market now from restorers and collectors like Wagonmaster, Wagoneer World, and Grand Wagoneer—and now would be the time to get a vintage model if you've ever been thinking about it. Prices on the original models are projected to rocket once the new version hits the streets.


Anonymous said…
OMG I wonder if it will be beat or fab. Can't wait thanks

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