UNIFORM | Upstate Raglans & Scarves

As a style writer and a retailer I've gotten a little frustrated over the years with how fast seasons move in fashion. The focus on what's to come always seems to trump the present, and it always felt so disjointed to me to be thinking winter in the middle of summer and vice versa. But today all that frustration melted away when my Upstate Fall/Winter 2015 order arrived for The Reed. Not only because it's sooooo awesome, but because it is totally wearable for the rest of the summer. Sundowners at the beach with the dyed (buttery soft) raglan? Check. The wool/silk blended scarf around my neck with a sundress? Yes please!

The scarves are brilliant not only because they are the perfect weight, luxuriously soft, and a great statement piece, but there are so many ways to wear them.

A few years ago an Upstate shibori-dyed kimono snuck into my closet and it's been one of my most favorite things to wear out—because it's a little loud I don't wear it regularly, but without fail, every time I wear it I get asked about it and where it's from. I'm thinking one of these pieces just might sneak into my closet as well. Check it all out right here


Unknown said…
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Mira Blackman said…
Ooh, love this collection. Beautiful colors and the texture seems so yummy too. Thanks for sharing.

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