GUIDE | The Reed's Red-Eye Survival Guide

We've recently created something of a red-eye survival guide at The Reed. It's a packing guide and includes two playlists, one to lull you to sleep upon take off and one to gently get your energy back up when the wheels are down at your destination. Everyone is different when it comes to sleep strategies on planes. I think noise canceling headphones are invaluable, others swear by scuba-necked hoodies, and some like to sprinkle a few calming drops of lavender essential oil on a scarf and wrap up in it to get some shut eye. We'd love to hear your strategies as well. Come check out the guide here.

P.S. Next up in the guide department is New Orleans with a Jungmaven t-shirt to go with it...stay tuned!

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This is great!

The travel guides are so good so far - I'm planning a trip to the US next year, and you guys keep covering the places I want to go - it's actually been amazingly helpful whilst making plans for my trip - thank you... xxx
Lizzie said…

Thank you so much!!!
Anna said…
I'm the kind of traveler who instantly passes out on airplane. With that being said, a neck pillow and throw that can double as a blanket are must-haves so that I'm not uncomfortable when I arrive at my destination.

I've been loving your guides, too. This summer I've mostly been confined to New England but they've been making me yearn to travel more throughout the U.S.

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