UNIFORM | Madame Espadrille

Since starting this blog and The Reed, there is one tenet when it comes to products that I am steadfast about: quality. If it's well-made and thoughtfully produced it will be a better investment for you. There are of course some exceptions and one of those is espadrilles. Like a frequently worn pair of Vans, espadrilles aren't really built to last years. Like the season itself, the canvas and jute shoes are fleeting and so made to be enjoyed. This week Madame Espadrille launched out of Ibiza, Spain and we're really digging their fluro colors and summer party vibes—maybe these are that rare pair of espadrilles that we'll only pull out for special occasions. Prices start at $28 (€25) and ship from Spain.


Mandolyna said…
Thank you so much, Lizzie! xo
Unknown said…
this is so perfect style for summer.
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calvin said…
Great post and nice selection of espadrilles.
Remember wearing my first pair as a 10 years old boy, and still rocking espadrilles 20 years on.

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