UNIFORM | Pilgrim Women's Debut Collection

I'm a sucker for independent surf labels—the Mollusks, Birdwells, and Almonds of the world—because I feel like they are the brands that are nailing today's surf lifestyle in an authentic way and are starting to fill in for the big surf apparel companies that have completely lost touch with any kind of real surf culture. Pilgrim Surf + Supply has always been a label I've admired from afar. They're based in New York (funnily enough, I've been to their Beams pop-up shop in Tokyo but neither of their US locations) with a shop in Brooklyn and Amagansett and continue to do churn out quality and cool. Today marks the launch of their first ever women's collection which is American-made and wonderfully simple and casual. I'm sold.


Angelica Tynan said…
EEP! Mollusk hemp tees are <3.
The overalls are where it's at!

xo Rachael / The Paraders
I love the shorts it very simple yet classy
Anonymous said…
Nice Uniform collection for women,
Shorts are amazing.

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