UNIFORM | Levi's Vintage Clothing Spring/Summer 2015

The Levi's Vintage Clothing look books are always spectacular in the way they showcase their dedication to bringing back exact replicas of old designs, but the Icons Collection of the Spring/Summer 2015 look book is especially incredible because looking through it was like paging through my parent's college yearbooks. I almost forgot I was looking through something produced this year because it is so exact in its late 60s/early 70s styling. And in case you missed it, much of LVC is now available online


Charlene Mingus said…
Love this collection. No store carries it in my area though. Have you seen any place that you can by pieces from the Icons collection online?
Anonymous said…
@Charlene Mingus:
Yes, try the levi's webshop.
They carry LVC now, too!
Lianah said…
I love Levis.. i love the set of your collections..
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Sharmayne said…
Lee is my boyfriend's favorite brand of shirts..
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Unknown said…
i love your photo while you are in the library it's so beautiful

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i've been a levi's fanatic ever since...

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