GEAR | L.L. Bean Tote Fauxnograms

Nothing really new about the fact that you can customize L.L. Bean's iconic canvas tote bags in any way you want, but I still get a kick out of it. So many opportunities for humor not taking monograms so seriously. Here are a few I'm mulling over before spring. Very important things to think about over the weekend.

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Kelsey said…
My favorite was my friend's Christmas gift from her mother. A canvas/red handle tote bag with the monogram "Ho Ho Ho" - genius
AG said…
I once got INTO it with the sales lady at the Freeport store b/c she didn't like my color combo -- red straps and a grey monogram.
Anonymous said…
LL bean is a racist, sexist and homophobic company. I'm not sure why you continuously endorse their products. It's a bummer! Today will be my last visit to Tomboy.

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