SCENE | Taos, New Mexico, 1937.

You know that tumblr, Dads are the Original Hipsters? I thought of that when I saw these photos from 1937 by Peter Stackpole for LIFE. Someone's (possibly) great grandparents are the originals in this case—they've got the denim, the hats, the boots, and even the trailer. I really want to know more about these people and why they were being shot, but couldn't find the article the photos were attached to, maybe the story never ran in the magazine. I bet they never thought they'd be published on a style blog 77 years later.


Anonymous said…
This is so Kerouac
Mike said…
I"m not sure who they are, but, in one picture at least, I think they are at the DH Lawrence house in the mountains outside Taos.
Unknown said…
Obsessed for the last day and a half with tracking down your wonderful Taos pictures, here are a few names that you might follow up on. Kiowa Ranch (D.H. Lawrence Ranch), Frieda Lawrence, Dorothy Brett, Angelino Ravagli, Aldous Huxley, and many more artists. It has been an absolutely fun internet search for me, and I send many thanks to you for providing the impetus.
I have found a huge amount of information on this subject, but thought you might like to explore it yourself. It is fascinating!
Anonymous said…
love this!!!
Lizzie said…
@Ruby Ford

Thank you thank you thank you for investigating further. I will search all those names and see if I can come up with anything further and share it (if it's of interest). Beyond grateful!


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