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It's lookbook season, and whenever that comes around I get excited to see what Levi's Vintage Clothing puts together. Their American-made Orange Tab collection for Fall/Winter 2014 lookbook is beautiful and epic as they all have been. Orange Tab was introduced for young Americans in the 60s and 70s as an affordable arm of the Levi's brand, and today it's made exactly as it was when it was first introduced. There's something so visceral about their images and art direction that makes me feel (appropriately) so nostalgic for Levi's of the past. The other good news is that LVC is now shopable online at Levi.com for the first time ever.


laura said…
Wow, these are some awesome pics. I'm confused about the collection though. The orange tab things (i'm looking at you, western shirt... and sherpa jacket...) don't seem to be available online like the rest of the vintage collection. Or am I missing something?!
Lizzie said…

That is a little confusing. Hmmm...I'll try and find out about that. You might want to also try calling the Levi's store in Malibu it has a huge selection of LVC, amazing store, they may be able to help you source something.

(310) 317-9194

Looks good. I like the black denim jacket.
Poppy K said…
They are available on-line - you just have to go to the Levi's Vintage site or the Orange Tag site and then click on the item you are interested in - at the bottom there will be a SHOP button - clicking through this will being you to the item's page on the main Levi's site with ordering availability.

I was a little disappointed when I saw that the recreation of the 'affordable' line of Orange Tag items have not tranlated into affordability for today - the 606 skinny jeans will run you $215 today. I realize that it's probably a much smaller run of clothing than in the old days and it was most likely problematic to resource material and construction methods but that still seems a little steep.
Lizzie said…

From Levi's:

Some pieces haven't dropped yet and others weren't purchased by the e-commerce team. While this is the first time that such a large assortment of Levi's Vintage Clothing styles are available in one place, some pieces are still only available at other retailers such as Mill Mercantile.


@Poppy K Yeah, I hear that. I think also denim production in the USA versus overseas today is way more expensive.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad the Orange Tab is all made in USA - a company shouldn't play up its USA heritage and not manufacture in USA. I think that also justifies the higher price, if skilled people are being paid a living wage to produce the clothing.

I saw that some of the other LVC pieces are made in Portugal - it made me feel like LVC was a bit fake, to be honest.

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