UNIFORM | Córka Rybaka Beanies

I'm not sure which I love more, the origin story of Córka Rybaka or the actual beanies—they are both so great. Córka Rybaka, which means fisherman's daughter in Polish, is a hand-knit unisex beanie label out of Warsaw. Monika Kucel hand-knits each and every Hemingway-esque beanie herself from 100% Peruvian Highland wool in her apartment in Poland. I mostly love how she is focused on one product, just one, and mastering it. The beanies (€65 / $82), which if treated well are claimed to last a lifetime, are shipped worldwide. You can shop the 2013 collection online. Now, if you're interested, check out the origin story here!

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Amielle said…
I saw the photos and immediately thought of fishermen! They're fantastic and that blue one is calling to me.

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