SCENE | Lot, Stock and Barrel

I discovered the vintage purveyors Lot, Stock and Barrel at this past weekend's Northern Grade show in Downtown L.A.,—their small booth of vintage t-shirts was intriguing enough to walk down the block to their new location on Traction Ave. and see what else was going on. A LOT more. Tucked behind some metal gates is a shop full to the rafters of vintage Americana, sort of a Mr. Freedom meets RTH, but more than anything it looks like a shop you'd stumble into in a Tokyo alley.

Beyond the merch, the shop offers custom patch work and chain-stitched embroidery. Custom monograms start at $35, custom patches start at $45, and embroidery is also available—so if you think you might be in the neighborhood, don't forget your favorite jean jacket or t-shirt, or canvas bag—Tul, the resident sew master, will work his magic on almost anything he can get under his vintage Singer.

Lot, Stock and Barrel's new location: 801 Traction Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles.


parry clark said…
TUL!!!!! <33333333333

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