ICON | Françoise Gilot

Photos of French painter and author Françoise Gilot in her studio in 1953 via AFP.

"For me, style is essentially doing things well. If you want to be outrageous, be outrageous with style. If you want to be restrained, be restrained with style. One can't specifically define style. It's like the perfume to a flower. It's a quality you can't analyze." —Françoise Gilot


Mamavalveeta03 said…
Such a fascinating woman! And who knows what she could have accomplished artistically if Picasso hadn't overshadowed her. I was surprised to read that she is still living, at age 92, and even exhibited at the Gagosian Gallery in 2012. Amazing!
Casey Creates said…
It was really nice to see a female visual artist on here- I myself am one. Thanks for another great post!

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