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Photo of two New Zealand guides at Mount Cook, New Zealand, on top of the Tasman Glacier, 1935.

I'm in New Zealand (in the dead of winter), jumping around the North Island for the rest of the week! If anyone has any great recommendations for NZ, specifically Wellington, I'd be so grateful. Back to the blog next Monday, but feel free to follow the adventure on Instagram (@lgmettler).
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juber said…
Hi Lizzie -

I am a Canadian tomboy dating the sweetest LA boy who is currently residing in New Zealand! He's only been there for 3 weeks of his 4 month stay, but has been loving his time there and has discovered lots of good restaurants and bars in Auckland that I thought I could share with you. I am headed there in a few weeks myself so I am keen to try his favourites, and I look forward to reading about more of your discoveries too. Have a lovely time!

Auckland restaurants & bars:
-Depot: he eats here almost nightly and says they are the best oysters he's had in his life! Prior to Depot he reserved such praise for a place here in Toronto
-Federal Delicatessen: sits beside Depot and has an american theme/vibe and is also a lovely place to wait for your table at Depot.
-Best Ugly Bagels: in all honesty, he's not yet been here, but I am including it because they make Montreal bagels which, in my opinion, are the best in the world!
-Little and Friday: beautiful sweet and savoury midday treats.
-Mea Culpa: a great cocktail bar in the Ponsonby neighbourhood
-Racket: a rum bar with a friendly bartender who'll teach you the secrets of rum!

Enjoy your time, and safe travels
Lovethetron said…
Hope you really enjoy NZ!

We write a blog about Hamilton, the medium sized North Island city, definitely recommend stopping by on your way to Wellington for a more laidback vibe.

In Wellington though I recommend checking out solo date city it's full of restaurants/cafes
Unknown said…
3036Hi Lizzie!

Saw this post and thought I'd quickly jot down a few things... The Bay of Islands area is my favorite for sailing (I think there are around 100 islands off the coast there. My husband and I had one all to ourselves on one trip). There is a great overnight hiking hut trip to the Pinnacles in the Coromandel, and Huka falls and river (Huka Lodge is amazing for fly fishing and in general) is a must see.

In Auckland: Fred's, Little and Fridays (it's in a fabric store, which really adds to its charm), and Supreme have great food and coffee. Coffee is brilliant here... probably better than anywhere else I've traveled. Depot and Clooney are my favorite restaurants, and Fabric (Isabel Marant, Kapital, Gitman Brothers etc...) on High St. is my favorite boutique. I'll end it there for now. I have been coming here off and on for a few years for work, and it's a great place. Have a blast!
Tina E said…
Hello, I'm an Australian who for the moment calls Canada home but has spent lots of time in NZ on surfing and mountain biking trips.
For activities:
Surfing-check out Raglan-really cool little surf town and great long lefts. Also the Coromandel Peninsula-Shipwrecks Bay has a great fun mal wave in the right conditions.
For mountain biking, Rotorua is awesome and has some great single track.
Wellington also has some good riding, and excellent food and coffee. Check out chocolate fish cafe on shelly bay rd. Also highly recommend the Te Papa Museum in Wellington which has fantastic Maori culture and natural history exhibits. A trip along the coastline is also nice if the weather holds. For shopping in Wellington:

Have fun!
Sarah said…
Hey! Love your blog. I'm a Kiwi and lived in Wellington for a couple of years. It's my favourite place in the world (even when the weather is less than stellar).

Try Memphis Belle and The Hangar for world class baristas.
Fidel's Cafe at the top of Cuba Street has the best cafe food.

See if you can find Alice (hint: inside Boogie Wonderland) and also visit Motel for a Mad Men style drink.

Other food:
Chow has amazing Asian-style cuisine. Small sharing plates and great cocktails.

Have fun! x
Sarah said…
One more!
The Library is also a great place for dessert and/or a nice whiskey.
Lizzie said…
These are all so great and sooooo helpful! Thanks a million!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
make sure you climb Rangitoto, the volcano in Auckland harbour and head for the west coast black sand beaches to have your "Piano" moment.
You can't leave without going to TePapa in Wellington too. All the Best!
anonymous 52 said…
I love Wellington, even in winter! I like Unity Books on Lambton Quay, the Maritime Museum , Cuba Street , kayaking on the harbour, swimming at Freiburg pool and drinking a flat white at any of the marvellous cafés.
Unknown said…

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Samantha said…
I did an internship at the World of WearableArt there a few years ago and was incidentally in foodie heaven! I second hitting up Chow. Yummmmm. KK Malaysia is swoon worthy, especially the roti chanai. Also Kaffee Eis is really worth a trip for some out of this world gelato! Don't leave the country before eating a meat pie. Absolutely necessary.
Unknown said…
Hi Lizzie,

my favourite place in Wellington is Maranui Café, right on the Lyall Bay Beach. Divine Milk Shakes, funky interior and great views.

Other things to do in Wellington would be Te Papa (for rainy weather days) or Makara Peak Mountainbike Park (for sunny days).

On the way down to Wellington don't miss hiking around Mt Taranaki, Surf Highway 45 (if you're into surfing at all), or if you take the other route the natural Hot Springs in Taupo:

Have fun & enjoy the world's most beautiful country.

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