ICON | Frieda Zamba

Photo of three-time world champion Frieda Zamba surfing the O.P. Pro at Huntington Beach by Mike Mullen, 1987.

"[The first time I surfed] was summertime in Flagler. I was watching the local surfers and thinking how much fun it looked. I saw a girl I knew learning how to surf and she let me catch a wave. I rode it all the way to the sand. Boy was she mad." —Freida Zamba


olga said…
wonderful wonderful:)
Haydee said…
Wow, I haven't heard that name in ages. I used to watch her surf against Wendy Botha, Pauline Menczer, and Pam Burridge in the 90's. Many great memories at the OP Pro (now the US Open of Surfing). Great post.

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