PROJECT | The Ten Dollar Bench

I first saw Project Room's DIY "Ten Dollar Bench" at a friend's house and remember it really struck me. Raw, simple, modern. Project Room, the L.A. design group run by Isaac Resnikoff and Lizz Wasserman, has created furniture installs for some of this city's favorite restaurants including Sqirl and Blossom. Beyond their commercial design work and shop, Project Room also kindly shares their plans for the DIY Ten Dollar Bench online so you can build yourself as many as needed.

After months of wanting to build my own Ten Dollar Bench, I finally took on the task this weekend. Had the wood cut at the hardware store, and went right to work. Let me just tell you that this is an extremely satisfying and very doable Sunday project. Download the plans to the Ten Dollar Bench right here.


Melissa Martin said…
A new series. I'm on board.
rike said…
so perhaps you'll like this german diy furniture project too:
Maya said…
Well... your $10 bench is stunning. Kudos to your creativity.
I also have a similar project in my head. I want to use an old fence wood to build a seating area on my patio. I will post some pictures on my blog as soon as it is finished. Stop by please...
Lisa said…
I love this but... am I missing something here? I see a sketch and then the materials list. Where are the instructions? And the cut wood- 11 7/8 x 96 inches... what?

I might change the dimensions a bit..
looks very nice!

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