GEAR | Seil Marschall

I'm not sure how popular the heritage movement is in Germany, but here's one label that is really impressive to me. A family business since 1896, and only in its fourth generation currently, Seil Marschall still believes in one basic tenet: Our best machines are still our hands. With a great selection of canvas luggage, backpacks, totes, jackets and boots, and all sorts of household products (like cushion brushes!), Seil Marschall definitely sets itself apart in the modern retail landscape. Although their website design leaves something to be desired (ok, a lot), its antiquated feel is somewhat endearing and consistent with their traditional manufacturing processes. I spotted one of these bags last month at Guideboat Co. in Mill Valley, outside of San Francisco, and I have to say, they are even better looking in high definition.


Anonymous said…
The violet colorblocked bag on the left, and that!
Aja Lake said…
I love the housewares. And Guideboat Co. is really good.

Looking forward to hearing what you found in Japan!
Lizzie said…

Their housewares are so good, right!?

Aghhh...need to get organized with all I saw in Japan. Overstimulation! Hahaha
Jackson said…
I also gifted my sisters Rebecca Minkoff Handbags which were super amazing. I bought them from tradesy website and they liked it very much. I am really glad that finally they like something which i bought.

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