SCENE | Scotland

Photo near Ben Hiant, Scotland, 1969 via Flickr.


The Hill-Side's new floral lookbook will get you in the mood for Spring, and their Japanese-made shoe collection is pretty great, especially these Italian camo numbers.

There's a new sharing app I'm trying out called dscovr (currently in beta).

The best earbuds for hiking.

"When we post a link, we are outsourcing our interests."

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Matt said…
Not to be "that guy" - because you know I love "Tomboy Style" - but if you're hiking with earbuds in, you're doing it wrong.
Lizzie said…
Hahaha, I get it.

In L.A. though going on a hike a lot of the time is akin to going to the gym, and I'd much rather listen to my music than one end of someone else's phone call.
Laurel Canyon said…
That link to the NY Times internet slang article was great, thanks for "outsourcing that interest."

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