GEAR | Lite+Cycle Urban Forest Candle

The world of scented candles is flooded with toxic, over-powering, unappealing crap. It's undeniable and unfortunate. That's why Lite+Cycle candles are such a breath of fresh air, literally. The line's creator Kristi Head (who contributes to the Base Layer column on this blog often) makes candles that are 100% conceived from plants and essential oils grown without pesticides or chemicals. Kristi used to live right inside Griffith Park (if you know the area, she was just a stone's throw from The Trail's Cafe) and her newest candle, Urban Forest, is inspired by just that—the wildlife and quietude of the park, the oasis in the center of urban clamor. The blend is of American wild-grown cedar (yum!), with notes of fennel, fir, and a hint of coffee—the perfect balance between zen-appeal and metropolitan exhilaration. Grab one right here ($40 for small, $72 for large).


LPC said…
Yum. Thank you.
These sound fantastic - and I agree about the toxic, overwhelming crap.

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