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You may remember a few years ago a Q&A with Robyn Wilson of The Poor Porker. At that time, they were just starting out with a Sunday stand in Lakeland, Florida serving up begnets and chicory coffee to a line of loyal followers. Since then they've grown to include an online shop that sells their own slow-smoked small batch chicory ($8) that blends so sublimely with coffee (as well as ice cream, soups, spice rubs, etc.). I've been seeing chicory on menus in L.A. everywhere from Sqirl to Republique, it seems to be having a moment. 

I'm going to try my hand at some homemade chicory coffee this weekend with their liquid smoking kit ($45), we'll see how well I do. And! And! The Poor Porker also has an online vintage shop up that's worth a look-see (that Wrangler vest!).


BBC News reports on a 13 year old Mongolian huntress that may be the world's only female Golden Eagle apprentice. [Thanks, Iris]

Happy Easter!

Two young girls biked across the country...70 years ago! [Thanks, Cheryl]

Camera falls from airplane, lands in pig pen (sorry if I'm the last person to see this).

Nice little shout out from Nylon on the 2nd anniversary of the Tomboy Style book's pub date.

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Anonymous said…
Love the new look of the site. Nice work!
Anonymous said…
tomboy tunes:
(first heard of this trio from this site)
Unknown said…
I've noticed chicory everywhere too. Let us know how the coffee is!
Lizzie said…
@Meg Thanks! thought it was time for a little refresh.

@Anon wow, great video, thanks.

@Jamie right!? will do!
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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