BASE LAYER | Bar Soaps

By Kristi Head

There are endless options for bar soaps, from the mainstay and dermatologist-trusted Cetaphil cleansing bar to a small batch bar soap inspired by the birch and pine tar bars used in a traditional Finnish Saunas. Here are some noteworthy, useful, and just straight-up good bar soaps.

Clockwise from top left:

For the artist: The Masters Hand Soap ($3+) is a must-have near the sink if you're a painter, drawer, sculptor or use any skin-damaging mediums.

For the sensitive type: Mayron's Goods Sensitive Soap ($10) will let you wash gently with the simplicity of un-fragranced saponified oils.

For the detoxer: Hinoki Deitanseki Japanese charcoal cleansing bar ($19) is scented with Hinoki —that incredible wood old Japanese soaking tubs were built from—and it has activated charcoal that will draw out impurities like a magnet.

For the sophisticate: Rodin Olio Lusso Bath Bar ($32) is as decadent a bar soap can get as far as we're concerned. For a little hit of femme and an extra hit of fragrance this soap seduces with essential oils of Jasmine and Neroli.

For the one-soap-fits-all-my-needs type: Dr. Bronner's Lavender Castile Bar Soap ($4+) is something you probably already know about because it can be used for everything and does a great job. Useful for hair, body, clothes, and great to take camping, this is one bar we like to have on hand.

For the working stiff: Hudson Made Worker's Soap ($16) is great after a long day working with your hands, whether that's carpentry, woodworking, or paper-pushing, and it gives your hands (or feet) a heavy-duty clean with scents of tobacco, cedar and patchouli.

For the Japanophile: Chidoriya Azuki & Brown Sugar Facial Soap ($13) is attractive not just because the packaging is amazing, but the Azuki Red Bean powder has been used as a face wash in Japan for centuries. It has proved itself as a go-to way to improve skin texture.


Aja Lake said…
We do use Dr. Bronner's for everything--it's great. I'd love to try the Rodin bar, and my husband could use a Worker's Soap. Great round-up, Kristi.
Casey Creates said…
Oh my gosh, it was great to see "The Masters" Hand Soap I use every day on here! It's essential in my crazy MFA program.
kh said…
Thanks for the positive feed back. All these bars are so amazing in their own way! The Masters soap is my life!

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