UNIFORM | Florence Broadhurst x Tretorn

If you're not familiar with Florence Broadhurst, she was an incredibly talented and eccentric Australian-born singer, performer, painter, businesswoman, and designer who was perhaps best known for her large scale wallpaper patterns. She affectionately referred to her vivid color combinations as "vigorous designs for modern living".

This season Tretorn incorporates some of their favorite Broadhurst patterns from Horses Stampede to Chinese Floral to French Fountain into their classic Nylite and the newly-launched Seksti tennis shoes for both men and women. Like an accent wall in a stylish home, these collaborative shoes will add a pop of intrigue to any ensemble. Check out all the designs right here.


- abigail - said…
I love this!! i am so into this kind of thing right now. All the colors, the lady and the fact that they're comfortable shoes is just. plain. AWESOME

Mattea said…
She sounds like an awesome human being! Definitely checking these out.
Also, have you heard about the Vans x Magritte? Is this becoming a trend?
Lizzie said…

Vans x Magritte!? No, haven't heard...sounds out there!
Anonymous said…
Read her biography, a colourful woman who was brutely murdered. Still unsolved !!

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