SCENE | Canyonlands National Park

Photos of hikers in Canyonlands National Park by David Hiser, 1972. 

I'm going to be in Europe for the next ten days, so posting may be a bit spotty, but you can keep up with Tomboy Style on Instagram (@LGMettler) in the mean time! Bon week-end!

p.s. Thanks for all the nice words and interest in the Tomboy Style x Kletterwerks totepack! I sold out of 'em already, but you can get each colorway from Westerlind.


- abigail - said…
wow, europe! have fun.

these photos are AMAZING. I love the vintage desert hippie/drifter vibe. I LIVE for this stuff.
I enjoyed these photos SO MUCH. Thanks thanks thanks for posting :)
Claire said…
Love these photos, the scenery, the 70s vibe.
Enjoy Europe.
Unknown said…
Have a great holiday!
Anonymous said…
Love these! The first photo is Dead Horse Point State Park though.
Anonymous said…
Hi Lizzie, thank you for your amazing posts. I wish you a nice holiday in Europe and I hope you come back filled with inspiration.

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