UNIFORM | Marfa, TX.

I've been wanting to go to Marfa for years and am finally making it out to the teeny and mysterious town this weekend. I'm really looking forward to checking out all the strange and cool West Texas goodness, especially some of the local artisans and art galleries. If anyone has any Marfa tips, please share!

Marfa Brand Rose Clay and Lavender bar soap ($9); Comb Collective hand-painted shoe laces ($22); El Cosmico kimono robe ($150); Chinati: The Vision of Donald Judd ($65); Poppy & Someday Marfa Moon Mist ($30); Cobra Rock Boot Company's South Highland boots ($495); Garza Furniture's saddle leather oval chair ($1550+).


rachel said…
Yay! Marfa is so rad!!

- El Cosmico Hotel (stay in a teepee)
- Thunderbird Hotel (funky and cool)
- El Paisano Hotel (yummy food)
- see the marfa lights (its a thing?)
- Prada store on the way into town
- Donald Judd/ Chianti foundation
- wander the weirdness and enjoy!!

Sandy Guttman said…
Drooling over the fact that you get to go to Marfa, TX. It's at the top of my to-do list.
Lauren said…
W H A T! I am so jealous. Get yourself a pair of Cobra Rock boots when your there, or at least get on the waiting list. You will not regret it. Best boots ever. Have fun lady. Can't wait to see / hear about your trip Travel Safe xx
Rachel said…
This would be hard to fit into just a weekend visit, but Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park are really great for driving around and seeing some impressive scenery. Whenever we go out there, it's fun to experience a little bit of hipster/artsy Marfa and contrast it with the huge, impressive desert landscape in the parks, and Terlingua, which is an old ghost town peopled by interesting, hippy-ish (and often drunk) old codgers. http://ghosttowntexas.com/

On a Marfa-specific note, though, I highly recommend The Pizza Foundation.
Jade said…
i have a pair of the cobra rock south highlands. they are the bees knees! only get better with age. would love to be able to pay them a visit one day.
Jess said…
Nice, I was just there!

-Marfa lights
-red enchiladas with a fried egg
-Reata restaraunt (actually in Alpine)
-Chihuahua Desert Research Institute (hiking trails and a botanical garden)

Have a great trip!
Poppy K said…
My brother lives in El Paso so I get to Marfa every couple of visits - heading there again next weekend!
julia wheeler said…
So jealous! Hoping to make it there this spring or summer on our road trip to New Mex! Hopefully they don't take the Prada exhibit down by then!
Anonymous said…
www.galleriesartists.com for a listing of Marfa and regional galleries

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