UNIFORM | Feather Cockade

Fashion that's military-inspired has been a consistent theme of this blog from the beginning—from Vietnam War watches to submarine sunglasses—I love discovering a style item that started as solely functional. The latest discovery is this Tender Co. feather cockade ($20) that's been dip-dyed with woad. They were traditionally made for the British Army dress uniform, as well as many other militaries of the 18th century and beyond. Most often cockades were made of ribbon or feathers and pinned on hats or lapels to show allegiance and rank and helped organize troops and civilians alike. While the significance of cockades is far in the past, adding one to a blazer lapel is sounding like something I want in my future.


Anonymous said…
I'm always surprised how much fashion comes from the military (past and present). Camo in fashion is a staple now, but it's the more obscure things like this that are really interesting to me.
Valentina Novo said…
It looks beautiful! I didn;t even know what a cockade was, thank you for the idea!
Anonymous said…
I really love your blog and fabulous book, but I'm saddened by the fact that humans still find it acceptable to use animals as a means of decoration.

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