SCENE | Drowsy Water Ranch, 1945.

Photo of woman horseback riding at Drowsy Water Ranch in Granby, CO. via Flickr.


There's a #tomboytakeover happening for the rest of the weekend on Shinola's Instagram.

A felt hat to get you through the rest of this winter.

Ellen Page is such a class act.

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- abigail - said…

that looks like so much fun. I just ADORE vintage -southwest -cowgirl stuff
LauraSP said…
Yes, Ellen is awesome. I really hope she can lead effective change in Hollywood.
Thanks for the ranch pictures. It's not far from me and looks like an awesome place to hang with the family for a week. Super cool!
Cowgirlsrus said…
Great Photo. A ranch is the ideal tomboy vacation. Get outside, get dirty, have fun. Cowgirl Up!

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