GEAR | Made Solid

If there's one thing I seem to never tire of it's a artisan leather-goods line. I'm aware that sounds like a line out of Portlandia, but it's still true. I've admired the L.A.-based leather-goods line Made Solid at Shelter Half for a while now, and was reminded of just how much I really like their stuff on Friday at the Inspiration Trade Show. Let's face it, small locally-crafted leather-goods are not in short supply in this niche of internet-y style, but there really is something special about Made Solid. It's crisp and original, I can't exactly point to why, but I like it. See for yourself below, and all is available for purchase here.


Amielle said…
That wallet is PERFECTION. I've never been a big wallet/purse person, but I would take that everywhere with me!
Anonymous said…
Cool pix. I like the bottle opener to wear on a cord around your neck.

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