UNIFORM | Carhartt WIP S/S 2014

The Swiss-based Carhartt Work In Progress can be counted on season after season for tomboyish collections; it is a division of a Dearborne Michigan-based workwear company after all. But the Spring/Summer 2014 (which has already begun hitting stores) is really my speed. I love how Carhartt WIP takes items that have originated in the men's line and adapts them with a feminine touch without losing their core style tenets. Carhartt WIP was originally designed for a fashion-forward European customer in 1997, but has since grown to be a global brand, including a return stateside (if you can call it that) with their only American store opening in New York City in 2011. If you're not in range of SoHo, there's plenty of each collection available online.


Aja Lake said…
All my Carhartt comes from the men's section at Tractor Supply. Time to upgrade.
Alana Shaikh said…
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Anonymous said…
It's Dearborn, Michigan - no "e" at the end. We're not that fancy ;)

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