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Introducing...California Tailor, a women's shirting company that launched this week out of Los Angeles. Gill McLean, a British ex-pat living in California with a decade+ of clothing design experience decided she had enough with working for a big brand that often had to cut corners and set out on her own to combine the elegance of a traditionally tailored British shirt with the laid-back nonchalance of California style. The result is proper hybrid of the two that works so nicely.

California Tailor's first collection, Shirt No. 1 ($168), is a series of eight button-down shirts (including one made from Liberty of London fabric), all machine washable, that are gently tailored but also a bit boyish. And like most small-batch clothing labels, California Tailor is all about quality and detail. From stitching to buttons to weaves and pockets, everything McLean has designed has been considered and reconsidered.

Check out California Tailor and Shirt No. 1 online now, and here's a little teaser for things to come...obviously that t-shirt...I need it!

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- abigail - said…
this is SO COOL. Such wonderful colors and designs. Definitely my style
Anonymous said…
I am SO digging this right now!
Love these shirts. Wonderful tailoring and style. Are they made in California too?
Lizzie said…

Yep! American-made, right here in CA.
Lindsay said…
I seriously love these shirts, but I find myself feeling less inclined to throw down big bucks on non-organic cotton textiles. You seem like an eco-conscious person, Lizzie. Do you ever wish more of these awesome boutique brands that you cover were more into organic too? What's it gonna take to make the change?

Why organic cotton? Check out Patagonia's reasons: http://www.patagonia.com/us/patagonia.go?assetid=2077
Unknown said…
I LOVE this line!! Fantastic, thanks for sharing.
Gill Mclean said…
So thrilled to be featured on Tomboy Style for the launch of California Tailor. Thank you Lizzie for visiting and for such a great write up.

Thank you also to everyone who left such great comments and feedback.
Quinn said…
Lizzie- does she sell online?
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lizzie said…

Yes! Only online right now.

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