ICON | Lisa Love

Photo of Lisa Love by Jeannette Montgomery Barron from her book of portraits Scene.

Last week my friend Simons sent me Jeannette Montgomery Barron's book documenting the 1980s art world. The portraits are beautiful and moody and it's always a rare thing to find examples of timeless 1980s style. When I got to this photo of Lisa Love, I paused because I recognized her. She's the West Coast editor of Vogue, so I'd see her in the Condé Nast building in L.A. from time to time when I worked there. This isn't what she looked like when I'd see her in an elevator or in the lobby, but she definitely still had the same sense of presence that this photo captured.


dana said…
Ah, thanks for the heads up about this book. It's right up my alley and I hadn't heard about it before.
Unknown said…
Isabelle, Jeanette's daughter is one of my dear friends and an embodiment of tomboy style herself!
Lizzie said…

No kidding! The one photo I've found of Jeanette online makes me not suprised that her daughter has great style too.
Lizzie said…

I meant that "No kidding" as "how cool!" no "Duh, I know" just clarifying the tone. :)
Valentina Novo said…
I didn't know her but she does have amazing style!
Unknown said…
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