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I'm super excited to post Heathermarie Heaton-Reynoso's Q&A, she's a fourth generation farmer's daughter from a small farming community in Eastern Washington who became a big L.A. stylist and now lives in Mexico City where she started making moccasins and sandals. Agnes Baddoo connected us a few months ago, and after swapping a bunch of emails I could just tell Heathermarie is bursting with energy and passion in everything she does (which is a lot of things!) Not only is Heathermarie insanely cool and inspirational, but man, I love those HMH moccassins! All her creations are made with natural and recycled products and handcrafted in Mexico City with her favorite artisans. Check out all things HMH here.

If not in Mexico City, I would live...near the ocean or a river but with very distant neighbors.

My dream vacation would be to...camp. Anywhere with my husband and boys where we can go hiking, exploring, rafting, fishing, hunting and cook it up.
My current obsessions are...

Food: My family's homegrown beef. Beef jerky (we don't have this is in Mexico). I also miss lotus root and a seaweed salad I used to always get in LA (I crave it) but here in Mexico it's tacos al pastor. I also love Tabby Cat Pickling Co. which is great for parties. 

Music:  Love all kinds of music really. Cat Power, Lissie, Lucy Rose, Modest Mouse. I really like to listen to Watch Listen Tell. A little Calle 13, Molotov, Rodrigo Gonzalez. And we can't forget about country...Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert (House That Built Me -makes me cry), Eric Church, Big Little Town, Blake Shelton...when I'm really missin' the ranch.

Fashion: Moccasins, boots, flips, belts of all sorts and belt buckles, gauze Huipil tops, hand woven blouses, vintage crochet and lace tops, mens vintage vests, Hanes tees (cut) and wife beater tanks for field work, they're inexpensive and come in packets of five.

Retail Stores: Auto Zone—just got one near the house in Mexico! Carolina K, Remigio Mestas Revilla, Carla Fern├índez, Big R.

I channel my childhood self when I...smell burnt leather or change my oil.

The fictional characters I most relate to is…a combo of Mary Anne from Gilligan's Island without the ding dong, Daisy Duke with much longer cut-offs, and Pocahontas.

If I had to be outdoors all day I would...be happy.
My favorite quality in a man is...honesty, wit, adaptability, and strong hands.
My favorite quality in a woman is...honesty, creativity, and an easy going demeanor. I don't discriminate though.

I'm terrified of...failure and rattle snakes.

My dream car is a...anything 4-wheel drive.

My cocktail of choice is...beer, beer, and any kind of beer. I do also enjoy some Mezcal and Pulque since living here in Mexico. Beet Pulque...ahh, yum!

My celebrity crush is...no, I've never been that girl.

My beauty product of choice is...soap. My friend Agnes gave me some Juniper Ridge soap that I love, but any natural soap will do. I also love Agnes' Partout that I use as my perfume now.

My friends and I like to...work, fix things, build things, have a beer or five, go mountain bike riding, water skiing, snow skiing, craft, and explore markets in search for that original, amazing piece you just can't seem to live without.

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be...to The Wild West, before there were fence lines, virgin ground. 

As a teenager I was totally into...horses and dressing strangely by making something to wear out of a tablecloth, horse blanket, bed sheet, old pillow case or curtains to the point where my Papa held me back and told me, "You're not wearing THAT to school today, not today!"

I tend to splurge on...my kids.

I am who I am and that...is what makes me have Tomboy Style.


Unknown said…
HM, one of a kind:)
Anonymous said…
Ah yay! Great Q&A

...but Pocahontas is a fictional character? ;)
HMH said…
I know, I know…..Pocahontas was a real person but I couldn't think of a native american fictional woman! Tonto didn't work.
Unknown said…
I know, I know. Pocahontas was a real person but I couldn't think of a native american fictional woman! Tonto didn't work. X
Jamie Levine said…
Nice!!! Love these Q&As.
Macmoney said…
Good for you EB, proud of you ! You are and always have been One of a Kind !
Anonymous said…
Love this QA! She's so inspiring.

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