Part IV: Over the river and through the woods with Westerlind.

Sponsored post or no sponsored post, I am incredibly fond of the New York-based online shop Westerlind. Their mix of Japanese, European, and American goods always squarely hits that intersection of fashion and function, outdoorsy but stylish. Their Armor Lux slippers have been making the gift guide rounds this year (for good reason), so I thought I'd leave them out, but man those slippers make a great gift too.

Wool Power Red Cap ($39); East Surf Co. Natural Surf Wax ($3); Armor Lux Classic Rain Jacket ($195); Bush Smarts Field Journal ($45); Wool Power Navy Long John ($115); Frost River Santa Fe Mittens ($70); Fairbault Military Wool Blanket ($185); Gränsfors Bruk Hand Hatchet ($108); Ours Swim Trunks ($42); Armor Lux Mariniere ($99).


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