Part I: aMERRYican-made CHRISTMAS.

Scout Seattle's D-2 Pine Cone Bandana ($30); Shuron tortoise ronsir frame sunglasses ($189); Maine wool blanket ($279); Marie Veronique Organics' Pacific Mist ($40); The Hill-side gingham scarf ($87); Elkskin suede gloves ($33); Denim work apron ($60); Key Tags by Various Projects ($15 each, 300+ to choose from); Glazed Incense Hut ($56); Wigwam socks ($12 each); Lotuff Leather zip pouch ($160); Heritage Leather Co. canvas utility bag ($39); Simon Pearce Ascutney whiskey glasses ($58 each).

P.S. Check out the Tomboy Style-curated Holiday Shop over at Huckberry!


Unknown said…
Ah, PERFECT! This is just what I needed, thank you :)
Katie said…
Very fun - thanks! Also just saw your shop at Huckberry. :)
Anonymous said…
I think the A** Wipe or T**t key tags are the way to go.

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