GEAR | Moxi Rollerskates

Photos via Vogue España

In L.A., it's arguable that rollerskating has stayed in fashion since the sport's height in the 1970s. There are operational rinks here and substantial derby leagues that serve a community of real enthusiasts and athletes. Part of that is owed to Michelle Steilen (a.k.a. Estro Jen), the founder of Moxi Rollerstakes, an L.A.-based rollerskate maker that not only builds skates that are high-fashion (they landed in Spanish Vogue last month) but also high-performance. Steilen was filmed skating all over L.A. using Bones skateboard bearings. The video premiered a few weeks ago and is definitely worth a watch, especially after minute 2, when the skating goes from artful and serene to totally bitchin'.


Anonymous said…
Whoa thanks for posting on a monday morning just want I needed to get it up for the week. So much to love here--Cali style, Michelle's parcours on wheels and last not least Bikini Kill on the soundtrack.
Unknown said…
Lets be honest- that is AWESOME!
adaywithjenn said…
She is amazing!! Hey Lizzie,you should check out a couple of girls in New York creating a documentary called "United Skates" - about the underground skating movement across the US. From the central park skaters, to Atlanta they are kicking butt and learning to Skate at the same time. They are totally cool and passionate about their venture and had a great Kickstarter campaign. Please check out the trailer on the United Skates website, to me they are the Martha Coopers of skating!!!!!!!!

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