SCENE | The Women's Motorcycle Exhibition by Lanakila MacNaughton

A reader recently turned me onto photographer Lanakila MacNaughton's traveling photography show called The Women's Motorcycle Exhibition. MacNaughton's shots are beautiful and her thesis to capture the real women who ride is really captivating.

"The statement is sparking something new, there are new kinds of women who are getting off the back of their boyfriend’s bike and buying [their own] bike, and connecting with other women in their community and going on adventures together, and that’s what living’s about, doing spur of the moment spontaneous stuff that you remember for the rest of your life." —Lanakila MacNaughton

Check the calendar for future shows, I'm going to try and catch that December show in Riverside, CA. Also a selection of MacNaughton's photos are available (including that killer top photo) for purchase here.

[Thanks Liz]


Anonymous said…
I love how in the third photo she's just floating.
Liz said…
caro3066 said…
Have you seen Barbour's "Joan" jacket?? I bought one from our friend Ann Masburn's shop for Serena's birthday and she hasn't taken her off. I think she is even sleeping in "Joan" for fear of me riding away with her!
Lizzie said…

Yes! I think Simons emailed me a photo, does it have a photo of a motor chick on the inside? x

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