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Lindsay and Raan Parton just opened a new shop just a hop and a skip down the road from the menswear-centric Apolis (which he co-founded) in the Arts District. It's called Alchemy Works and they're billing it as the sister store to Apolis that sells both found and new items, home goods, clothing, jewelry, and apothecary items. But let's start with that car that's parked in the center of the store. That perfect navy blue 1959 Fiat Abarth 750 Spyder.

Now think of everything the girl (or guy) who drives this car would wear, like, use, decorate with—that's what you'll find at Alchemy Works. Striped shirts from Armor Lux, beautiful boots by Angela Scott, chicer-than-thou blouses by Heidi Merrick, indigo dye kits by Noon Designs. It's. All. There. When Raan first told me about the space about a month ago, he walked me in to an empty room and described how he and Lindsay wanted to materialize the aesthetic of tumblr into a store. I laughed, but he was serious, and what a perfect way to describe a store that is as aspirational as it is accessible. Price points range from the single digits to that $75,000 Fiat.

One of the finest parts of Alchemy Works is the photography, loved this detail of a surfer with the car reflected (did I mention the car?). [Alchemy Works: 826 E. 3rd Street, Los Angeles 90013]


Unknown said…
I love those teal and natural woven shoes...any idea where I can get them online? :)
Anonymous said…
I like the idea of a sister store to apolis. I'm not a car person but the fiat is gorgeous!
Mamavalveeta03 said…
I wish they had an e-commerce store. This looks like FUN!
Lizzie said…
@M Woodall

They're by Proud Mary

I didn't see the turquoise ones on their site, but maybe check other Proud Mary stockists?

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