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Is it me or is outdoor apparel red hot? I was talking to a friend who told me that on a recent trip to Japan, a traditional department store had a whole section that translated to "girl's camping". Amazing. Whether it's a micro-trend, a Japanese trend, or just a fashion trend, I'm so into it.

Topo Designs out of Colorado is one of the outdoor gear and apparel companies that is nailing it right now. Their backpacks have been on point and well-covered, but what I'm really loving are their new unisex fleece jackets ($129). And although the American-made Topo isn't a heritage company that goes back decades, I'm having a visceral reaction to that mid-1990s aesthetic that makes me say, hello again, old friend.


sally m said…
wilderness chic!
Unknown said…
Topo Designs does it best. I do love the color revival of the older North Face or Patagonia lines. This and the Patagonia 40th Anniversary Legacy collection are great.

I swear, the Japanese take the American aesthetics, do it amazingly well, and we then take it from them. Denim especially. Now women's outdoors and camping.
Emily said…
you would love melanzana as well: http://www.melanzana.com/

they are based in leadville, co and everyone in town owns one of their microgrid hoodie. in black, that turtle neck is as eco chic as it gets
Amielle said…
In France and Spain (depending on where you live, especially if it's more 'rural'), outdoor gear is very popular. Over the last year, I've become absolutely addicted to what Quechua has on offer. It's one of the few places (for outdoor wear) I've been where the women's selection is as varied as the men's with very little pink or purple in sight! Which is exactly what I'm always looking for!
Unknown said…
Hi, I love your blog! Keep it up.

Katherine said…
What size fleece are you wearing?

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