UNIFORM | The Henley

Photo of Anita Pallenberg via Notorious.

With the temps cooling down, even in LA, I was thinking about my favorite fall layer, the henley. I just assumed its history had roots in undergarments (like the t-shirt), but it turns out the menswear staple was actually named the henley because it was the traditional uniform of rowers in the small English town of Henley-on-Thames. Who knew? Henley-on-Thames hosts the annual Henley Royal Regatta which has been producing fashionable uniforms and spectator ensembles (and tomboy style inspiration) since 1839.

P.S. My favorite henley.


Nomadic D. said...

Huh. Go figure. I had no idea. I totally though it was a relative of long underwear and long johns as well. My favorites are from American Apparel. My husband pretty much wears them as his winter uniform, and has so many that when we do a grey load of laundry it looks like we run a factory or something!


mamavalveeta03 said...

I'm old, so I guess I kind of assumed that it had something to do with yachts and boats and sailing. I love the pic of Anita Pallenberg - all of those "Stones" women had such an eye for fashion! I have SO many henleys, that I think they should have their own Pinterest page! Or maybe I could start a 12-step group. All it takes to get me to buy a new one is a slight variation on looseness, a new color, length of placket, and it's MINE!

Aja Lake | the gold hat. said...

I love that bottom right photo. It looks so modern!

Melissa Martin said...

perfectly lovely factoid. Of course its history is that quaint.