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Photo via Them Thangs.


Bourbon & Coke or a G&T?

These four sisters were photographed together every year for 36 years (great tomboy style in the 70s).

Hilary Walsh's textile line is here and there.

Still listening to this song.

RTH is having a warehouse sale this Saturday (8/24)! Details.

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Unknown said…
The sister photos are amazing - beautiful women, and you can see the love.

Also, bourbon & coke, every time. Have you ever tried High West whiskey/bourbon (it's distilled outside of Park City, UT)? They have this amazing "bourye" bourbon+rye whiskey that makes the best old fashioned - or any cocktail for that matter, although it's amazing by itself.
Lizzie said…

Oooh High West looks great!! Thanks for the rec, never tried it!
rachaelannep said…
this picture reminds me of the justin timberlake video for 'mirrors' which i am still unapologetically obsessed with :)

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