Q&A | Niki Roberton

This afternoon I popped over to the charming IAMSOUND Records HQ in West Hollywood, owned by Niki Roberton. Roberton, originally from the UK, started the label in 2006 as a way to discover and develop new talent in music. She speaks in the coziest British accent I think I've ever heard which only enhances her understated-but-self-assured-personality. Indeed, Roberton strikes that perfect balance that is completely devoid of self-deprecation and bragging (even though she could brag like hell—she helped discover and was the first person to ever sign Florence & The Machine). I asked her what it was like owning her own label in an industry that is notoriously male dominated and she told me frankly that it can be difficult. But Roberton said the way she navigates the boys club is by simply being confident and genuinely nice. She reiterated that you don't need to be gushy with compliments or kill people with kindness, just simply be a nice person. Why does that sound so refreshing? In any case, Roberton and her team are nailing it. IAMSOUND has become the destination for cutting-edge talent, with acts that include I.O. Echo, Kate Boy, Lord Huron, and Charli XCX (which I'm listening to as I type and now highly recommend). 

If not in Los Angeles, I would live in…Italy, I'd love to spend a year there at some point. 

My dream vacation would be to…Japan. 
Current obsessions: 

Food: Din Tai Fung is becoming a weekend fave for me and my fiancé. We are also obsessed with Hirozen, which is right by our house.

Fashion: I've been searching for the perfect high-waisted trousers. Being tall, it's difficult to find the right cut.

Retail Stores: ReformationCreatures of Comfort and Cos are my staples for clothing. 

Music: I listen to loads of music. Right now I love Sophie, Disclosure, TNGHT, FKA Twigs and Chet Baker.
I channel my childhood self when I…am in the UK at Christmas.

The fictional characters I most relate to are…Elizabeth Bennet mixed with Vivian Ward.

If I had to be outdoors all day I would…start a music festival. 

My favorite quality in a man is…honestly and humor.

My favorite quality in a woman is…determination and creativity. 

I'm terrified of…not achieving my goals. 

My dream car is a…I'm not a big car person but I'd love a vintage Vespa.

My cocktail of choice is…a dirty Martini. 

My celebrity crush is…my future husband, Cameron.

My beauty product of choice is…YSL eye liner.
My friends and I like to…eat great food, most of my close friends are foodies.

If I could go back in time for one decade it would be…definitely the 1960's.

As a teenager I was totally into…horse riding, I was obsessed. 

I tend to splurge on…shoes. 

Not being afraid of being my own boss and sticking with my own creative vision, while wearing some men's brogues...is what makes me have Tomboy Style.


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