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Leather is on my mind. Most recently I landed on SweetTrade, a small-scale New England-based leather company that makes belts, suspenders, wallets, bracelets, even leather bicycle brake covers. All of their leather is vegetable-tanned and sourced from Wicket & Craig in Curwensville, PA., the stitching is done by hand and comes from sail-boat strength waxed thread from Maine, their hardware is cast at a local New England foundry, and the line they use to braid their lanyards comes from sail rigging made in Southern Massachusetts. If it isn't already painfully obvious the guys behind SweetTrade are passionate about what they do and their surroundings. Or as they say: "We share a common love for the ocean, be it surfing, yachting, fishing, or leisure times sitting on the beach with a cold six-pack." Check 'em out here.


Lovely product - and I like the anchor logo too.
Nomadic D. said…
Gorgeous! That Emily belt is so perfect in its design, and the suspenders are very cool too. Thanks for introducing us to yet another great line!
Jana said…
love the belt!
Liz Rose Bowman said…
Those suspenders are totally off the phone.

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