For the first Base Layer post, we tackled sunscreen, next up was Prospector Co.'s leg care goods, now Kristi's throwing down on lip care. Ba-Boom!

Leading Lips
By Kristi Head

Ever since I read an article in some magazine (probably YM circa 1992), that claimed all lip balms makes our lips even drier, I haven’t touched any of them. It’s over 20 years later and product ingredients have evolved dramatically. With so much awareness on healthier and more efficacious ingredients I figured it was time to take a dive back in. 
The first recommendation is super simple. If you don’t already know the trick, the best way to condition your lips is to take a soft bristle tooth brush and brush over dry lips for about 30 seconds. Any clean soft toothbrush will work, but we like Bogo Brush's philanthropic angle (buy one, and one gets sent to someone in need). Then apply a pure Vitamin E oil capsule ($13 for 100). Make sure it is food-grade and not cut with anything else. The result is total softness, a punch of blood flow color and slick shine.

For your on-the-go needs with less of a process, here are four more recommendations (left to right): Ila Balmy Nights ($24) is made from organic ingredients blended with tiny granules of volcanic stone powder that gently exfoliates leaving lips smooth. Absolution Le Baume ($20) is a multi-use balm for lips, cheeks, the tip of nose, and any dry areas on hands. Organic Essence Lip Balm ($3) [not pictured] is thrify and of all the health food store options, this one was the least greasy and least waxy and light weight. W3ll People Universalist ($33) is great for a pop of color on the lips, but it also works on eyes and cheeks too. It has a weightless texture and is 100% natural and free from all harsh artificial chemicals and petroleum.

[Editor's note: For the non-purist, I love Chanel's Boy 54 color of their lip shine ($34).]


Anonymous said…
Love Oil Lip Balm by Terra Firma Botanicals in Eugene OR is another fantastic $3 option.
Lexie said…
maybe a dumb question but is burt's bees not considered a healthy alternative to petroleum based lip products? it's all I've used for the past 8 years or so...
Lizzie said…
@Lexie, I'll let Kristi weigh in, but I know Burt's Bees was sold to Clorox in 2007 and there have been complaints with changes in the formulas. I've always thought of them as a good company, but have never really used their products. All of these Base Layer posts are of course just trying to introduce new ideas and companies, but there's so much out there and so much of these products come down to personal preference and comfort.

Aja Lake said…
love the bogo brush! for more good balms check out aveda lip saver (best 'chapstick' ever!) and chanel's rouge coco baume. great post, lizzie + kristi:)

p.s. lexie, burt's bees (as a brand) is a healthier alternative, but, in my view, perhaps not the all out healthiest. that said, i have used many of their products (right now i'm loving the sensitive daily moisturizer). their percentages natural vary from product to product so check that out. i believe the beeswax balm is 100% natural.

p.p.s. ym was the best!
kh said…
@Lexie, definitely not a dumb question. So many brands that have paved the way for natural beauty products are not necessarily the purist on the market today. BB has a few options for lip, that are not all created equal so definitely read the ingredients and stay away from anything with "fragrance." I personally use their lip shimmer from time to time. But once I discovered W3ll People I dropped it. As always reading the ingredients even if the product says "natural" and "safe" is the only way to go. Too many loopholes and not enough regulation.
Nanak's lip smoothee is hands down my favorite. It leaves no shine, and does an excellent job at keeping my lips soft day & night @ under $3 a pop. I like mint the best.
Thank you for posting this! I always have chapped lips for some unknown reasons. Definitely trying the Vitamin E and will follow-up on the natural lip balm suggestions.
W3LL PEOPLE Supernatural Makeup is thrilled to be part of your must have lip care! Our Universalist ColorSticks are perfect for the Tom Boy on the go and layer beautifully under our Nudist ColorBalms! Remember the all natural and packed with organic ingredients like skin loving aloe. We're dedicated to keeping you looking good outside and inside!
Ingeborg said…
This is fantastic!

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