ICON | Carole Lombard

Photo of Carole Lombard scanned from the 1998 book, The Power of Glamour: The Women Who Defined The Magic of Stardom (thanks Mom!). 

"Lombard adored her brothers...and trailed after them, fashioning herself into a tomboy so she could share their interests. At school she became a medal-winning athlete in track, swimming, and tennis. Off campus, her brothers coached her in baseball, football, and boxing. It was while sparring in her own backyard that director Allan Dwan, who happened to be visiting Lombard's neighbor, spied the scrappy twelve-year-old over the fence and cast in her in a minor role in his film A Perfect Crime." —Annette Tapert in an excerpt from The Power of Glamour.


Unknown said…
Female boxing!
What a great outfit. Tan or olive ensemble with leather boots and hat. Love it.
Lizzie said…
@Tradlands Can you make a khaki shirt like that!? :)
Desperada said…
I loves it, precious!
Unknown said…
Yeah, we definitely could. Maybe we collaborate on it. That would be pretty rad. :)

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