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I've said it more than once: I'm not a big 'it' bag person. A lot of it seems to be ornamental hardware and sub-par manufacturing fetching exorbitant price tags. When I do get excited about a handbag it's functional, utilitarian, and well-made. Enter English-made M. Hulot out of London. They're all about the classics and attention to detail. In their words the brand "is a direct response to the throw away culture of the mass-market and an antidote to heavily branded designer goods." They're speaking my language (English!) (zing!). I love the name too—M. Hulot comes from the stylishly attired fictional Frenchman Monsieur Hulot, and reflects his struggles with the modern world and its increasing pace.

Here's one of their bags I'm really going crazy over: the Garrad clutch bag (approx $232). And not that it matters or anything, but doesn't it kind of remind you of Sebastian's journal from Cruel Intentions?


MSM said…
This is perfect. Love the concept of products made to last.
Unknown said…
Love the name, love the bag!
Cheri said…
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Aja Lake said…
sebastian's journal--yes! that's a rad bag.
It does remind me of his journal!

Thank you for sharing!

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