UNIFORM | Winter Tartan + Summer White

Late March and early April can be a tough season to figure out sartorially—blooms are popping, but it's still chilly, maybe it's sunny today, but there's a chance of snow tomorrow. Leave it to style juggernaut Ann Mashburn to simply and soundly solve the early spring stumper by suggesting a pair of white jeans with some winter plaid. Done.

Ann Mashburn Boyfriend shirt in Stewart blue tartan ($175); Ann Mashburn popover shirt in Gordon dress plaid ($175).


The slow pace said…
That's really my uniform!!!
Anonymous said…
I used to be very strict about wearing white only between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but now I wear it year-round. This pairing is the perfect bridge for Spring!
Mamavalveeta03 said…
I could LIVE in those!!!
Gwendolyn said…
I love plaid!! it goes with everything I have in my wardrobe! :)
Couldn't agree more - I've really been in the mood for some white jeans lately so glad to see that someone else is feeling the same - they're just perfect for transitional weather. I found a couple of decent pairs at Uniqlo/Gap as far as things that are in my price range go - any other suggestions out there?

I would definitely find myself one of the above pictured shirts with cheks, sounds real cool for the summers. Love the Ann Mashburn Boyfriend shirt in Stewart blue tartan.
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