UNIFORM | The Magus

Photo of Michael Caine and Candice Bergen on the set of The Magus via The Ditty Bag.

The Magus was a critical flop, but a sartorial hit.

Chance 100% cotton Graph button-down ($130); Kendall Conrad thin round stacking rings ($46 each); Minnetonka softsole boots ($37).


Love these Minnetonka boots. I've had the mocs, but have never got around to the boots themselves - that being said, I've definitely just re-added them to my spring wish list. So perfect with a white button-up, I can't even stand it!
Lynn said…
Dude those boots are cool!!!!
Anonymous said…
I have always wanted to read this book. I didn't know it was a movie, this looks like a cool summertime flick.
Anonymous said…
Woody Allen said "If I had to live my life again, I'd do everything the same, except that I wouldn't see The Magus."
I MUST see it now
Lizzie said…
@Anon regarding Woody Allen: I know!! Hilarious. Makes me want to watch it even more to!!!
Mamavalveeta03 said…
I just saw this photograph the other day and thought, "My gosh, they were all so beautiful!" Great choices to reproduce the look, Lizzie!

And laughing over the Woody Allen comment. Love him!

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