BOOKS | Robert Mapplethorpe: Certain People: A Book of Portraits

Scanned photo of Catarine Milinaire by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1979.

My mom gifted me the out-of-print 1985 Robert Mapplethorpe book Certain People: A Book of Portraits for Christmas this year and it's been sitting at the ready on my desk ever since. So many incredible people and photos in there, but this profile shot of Caterine Milinaire in 1979 really spoke to me.

Susan Sontag's introduction is expectedly profound, but I especially love how she made me think about the meaning of the title. She writes, "There is certain in the sense of some, and not others; and certain in the sense of self-confident, sure, clear."

The book is available used on Amazon and eBay. Thanks Mom!


What a fantastic present! I know it's a bit of an obvious one but Mapplethorpe's 'Horses' photo of Patti Smith is one of my favourite pictures, ever. Happy New Year!
Unknown said…
I know what you mean, there are certain people who just have something about them that you can't help but take notice! This is such a striking shot, bet the book is fantastic!

Hannah x
KSL said…
Going on Amazon to buy one now. I love portraits, both photographs, and paintings. They can be so completely captivating. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
This book is one of my favorites that I have in my personal library, he was certainly a genius.
Lizzie said…
The Horses photo is in there too, it never gets old to me.
Julia Wheeler said…
your mom sounds rad (of course!) i'm buying this ASAP, thanks for the heads up! p.s. i saw patti smith read from Just Kids a couple months ago and it was mind blowingly awesome.
Alexandra said…
Wow. Beautiful. One of my favourite photographers.
I love portraits, both photographs, and paintings
Alex Smith said…
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